kinemastik film festival malta

Kinemastik Film Club - Girls On Film


4 programs of nothing but GIRLS ON FILM.
You don't know how long they'll be or what they'll look like, but at least you know that you'll see GIRLS ON FILM. 4 weeks, 4 programs, each a uniquely surprising mix of shorts films, music videos and one feature film all showing GIRLS ON FILM, each followed with a short epilogue by Basma Alsharif.

Basma Alsharif is a visual artist using moving and still images, sound, and language.

Her work has shown in exhibitions and film festivals internationally including the 17th SESC Videobrasil, Forum Expanded: Berlinale, Images Festival Ontario where she received the Marion McMahon Award, Manifesta 8 The Region of Murcia, The Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, The 9th Edition of the Sharjah Bienniale where she received a jury prize for her work, the Toronto International Film Festival, and she was awarded the Fundación Marcelino Botín Visual Arts Grant in 2009-2010.