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The 5th edition was yet another experiment. The year before, we had a dozen guests, multiple events, a 5 day programme, so we realised it is too much to party for that long. Doctor’s orders were get some rest and that is what we did.
We moved from our previous venue – Gnien il Gardjola into the park Herbert Ganado Gardens, that was just below it.
We loved it there, it had lots of trees, a tunnel and a ravine. Under the threes and next to the bastions, we had the main screen, in its vicinity – the best bar in the world. Inside the tunnel, we screened new Maltese short films and in the ravine – absurd stuff. Long time before then, it was evident that the presence of Sandra Zaffarese as our artistic director was going to make every single Kinemastik a visual gift. No less of an impact was a carefully selected programme by Emma Mattei.

This may have been the first year when we screened the films of Nicolas Provost. I believe it was Runar Runarsson from Iceland who won an audience award “Golden Dot” for his short film “Two Birds”.
We had a sound in film workshop, which was held by Jess Wolfsberg, a Danish Film School prodigy.