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Bare Horses exhibition


Bare Horses exhibition took place on the 27th July 2012.
It was curated by Sandra Banthorpe and based around the works of Ali Tollervey and Bare Bones collective.

The band Dark Horses are about more than just music. They incorporate visual artists - evoking the idea of a collective.
From the beginning they have included photographer Ali Tollervey - accompanying them not just on tour but along every stage of their journey.
Creating a symbiotic relationship between music & image, each inspiring the other.

Lisa Elle (vocals): ‘From the beginning our identity has been ensnarled with Ali’s camera.’....
..... ‘Having a photographer in our line up is pivotal, he’s on stage with us every
show, we inspire him and vice versa, we find it very stimulating to have visual
feedback to our performances, it helps us develop sonically as well aesthetically.'
Andy Bang (guitar) : ‘To a Dark Horse a camera is as important as his distortion pedal.’
Now on the eve of their first LP release we present a retrospective of the story so far.
Ali Tollervey photography

Bare Bones
On the same night, Bare Bones art collective will show off their works at the same very belly.
Bare Bones is an self-effacing exercise in free press and publishing. Funded by it's contributors, Bare Bones is supported by emerging and established artists, photographers,
film makers, writers and illustrators. Created in the eye of the global fiscal meltdown, Bare Bones aims to keep low budget/high ideal creativity & community alive and kicking. Published quarterly (ish), each issue is launched with an exhibition featuring work from
the contributors. Oh and it's free. Spread the love lovers
Bare Bones