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One thing that the history taught us is that we are the future.

Kinemastik collaborates with international festivals and filmmakers to bring to our shores a selection of the finest film making. Kinemastik links young filmmakers to the world of cinema and provides them with a platform for their work, through local screenings as well as through worldwide distribution of locally produced works.

The programme for the 13th Kinemastik International Short Film Festival looked a bit like this:

23rd JULY 2017 – SUNDAY

20:00h M&M – mini concert


27th JULY 2017 – THURSDAY

21:00h “Endless Poetry
Film by Alejandro Jodorowsky, introduced by Xavier Guerrero Yamamoto – the producer, followed by a Q&A.

23:00h Semi party

Tickets: €7 (available at the door)

28th JULY  2017 – FRIDAY

21:00h Short Film Festival – Day 1 – PROGRAMME

23:00h Seminal Party

Tickets: €7 (available at the door)

29th JULY 2017 – SATURDAY

21:00h Short Film Festival – Day 2 – PROGRAMME 

23:00h “Krautrock Karaoke
Lead by Kenichi Iwasa – More Krautrock info HERE

01:00h “Seminal Party 2

Tickets: €7 (available at the door)

30th JULY 2017 – SUNDAY

20:30h “Little Rock People”
Children’s Short Film Festival (recommended age 3-7 BUT good for 3-100 years old)

21:30h Small Party

Tickets: €6 adults, €4 children (available at the door)

Venue for these events was Garden of Rest, Floriana. Map is here.

Thank you for joining us in 2017 ! See you for our 14th International Short Film Festival between 27th and 29th July 2018!! 

Until next time, stay well & spread the truth!