One thing that the history taught us is that we are the future.

Kinemastik collaborates with international festivals and filmmakers to bring to our shores a selection of the finest film making.Kinemastik links young filmmakers to the world of cinema and provides them with a platform for their work, through local screenings as well as through worldwide distribution of locally produced works.

The programme of 13th Kinemastik International Short Film Festival will look like this:

23rd JULY 2017 – SUNDAY

20:00h M&M – mini concert


27th JULY 2017 – THURSDAY

21:00h “Endless Poetry
Film by Alejandro Jodorowsky, introduced by Xavier Guerrero Yamamoto – the producer, followed by a Q&A.

23:00h Semi party

Tickets: €7 (available at the door)

28th JULY  2017 – FRIDAY

21:00h Short Film Festival – Day 1 – PROGRAMME

23:00h Seminal Party

Tickets: €7 (available at the door)

29th JULY 2017 – SATURDAY

21:00h Short Film Festival – Day 2 – PROGRAMME 

23:00h “Krautrock Karaoke
Lead by Kenichi Iwasa, full line up to be announced soon – More Krautrock info HERE

01:00h “Seminal Party 2

Tickets: €7 (available at the door)

30th JULY 2017 – SUNDAY

20:30h “Little Rock People”
Children’s Short Film Festival (recommended age 3-7 BUT good for 3-100 years old)

21:30h Small Party

Tickets: €6 adults, €4 children (available at the door)

Venue for these events is Garden of Rest, Floriana. Map is here.

Join us between the 27th and 30th of July at the Garden of Rest in Floriana for our International Short Film Festival.

Until then, stay well and spread the truth!